Aditi Dhagat

Driving Value and Insight From Large Volumes and a Broad Variety of Data

With extensive experience in Big Data and all things Analytics, Aditi is deeply interested in the transformative role data can play in enabling (and sometimes disabling) the relationship between consumers and products/services they consume. Critical to Digital Customer Engagement is how unobtrusively businesses instrument their products to collect data, how they track it in a way that is legal and ethical, how they use it to both glean insights and personalize consumer experience to the mutual benefit of both the consumer and the business.

In her current role at Adobe, Aditi is focused on driving value and insight from large volumes and a broad variety of data. Important to this effort is the ability to quickly connect both transactional and behavioral data, as well connecting data across different domains such as customer, product and finance. Acting in a cross-functional capacity across Adobe, her team works with our customers to deliver democratized (aka self service), governed access to “data at rest” and “data in motion”. The team is building out a data reservoir to enable distributed access for analysts, data wranglers, and strategists – as well as supporting data science and predictive analytics through statistical algorithms and modeling.

In her previous role at Adobe, Aditi established a data science team within the Creative Cloud business unit focused on deriving product usage insights to drive conversion, retention and product innovation. She joined Adobe after a significant career in management consulting across Deloitte, Capgemini and Ernst & Young. She is known as a strategic thinker, a sought- after people leader and a business change leader. She holds a Ph.D. in mathematics and computer science from MIT.

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