Christy Bergman

Data Science Helping Teams Collaborate Better at Atlasssian.


Christy Bergman develops machine-learning models using end-user insights to drive product growth and development.  Before Atlasssian, she has worked as an analyst/data scientist at IBM, Evite, Factual, Argonne and Los Alamos National Laboratories, and volunteered with DataKind.  Christy earned her master of science degree in Operations Research at Stanford University.


Learn how a leading collaboration software company uses data science to help more than 1 Million enterprise customers and tens of thousands of small ,e.g. 10-person teams, collaborate better together.  At Atlasssian, we use our event logs to:

    – Identify valuable user insights earlier than ratings or surveys

    – Guide product development

    – Help teams gain competitive advantage by leveraging each team’s own collaboration networks around chats, internal wiki pages, code checkins, and bug tickets

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