Doron Bergman

Workshop: Test Driven Data Science

Doron Bergman, Data Scientist and Physicist at  Tachyus



Doron has been a data scientist for the past 4 years. He has worked at Tachyus, Wiser, WalmartLabs, and Wolfram Research. He also used to be a theoretical physicist, earning his PhD from UCSB, and working as a postdoc at Yale and Caltech, before transitioning over to data science.


Test driven development has been a useful approach to developing reliable software. It speeds up both further development, and fixing bugs, it encourages modular structuring of code, and generally increases the reliability of the system. Developing data science products suffers from the same challenges that software development does, and then some, most notably reliability. I will present what test driven development is, and show how it can be applied in data science product development.

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