Kimberly Shenk

Building a model is the least important part of your job

Director of Data Science Solutions at Domino Data Lab



Every data scientist wants to spend their time playing with data and creating the best model.  We focus on learning about statistics, algorithms and machine learning techniques in our studies at school and many data science forums and meet-ups are centered around the next best modeling approach.  But then why do many data scientists struggle to actually provide value to their companies? And why do many companies struggle to understand how their data scientists are providing value?  Based on my experience as a data scientist and data science leader at different companies, I have found that the trick to providing value to the business is actually not about the modeling at all.


Kimberly Shenk is the Director of Data Science Solutions at Domino Data Lab where she is helping change the way data science teams work through a Data Science Platform that accelerates research, increases collaboration, and lets companies productionize their models faster.  Leveraging her past experience as a data scientist in the United States Air Force, a data science consultant helping small businesses and non-profits and then building the data science organization at Eventbrite, Kimberly will be talking about the best practices she has seen in highly successful data science teams.
After graduating from the United States Air Force Academy with a degree in Mathematics and Operations Research, Kimberly went on to receive her masters degree in Operations Research from MIT as a Draper Fellow.
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