Giovanni Romero

Worldwide Lead for Business Consulting, Global Tools, and Data Science & Automation, Mindshare Worldwide

Scaling Up Applied Data Science Solutions with Disperse, Multi-Located Teams and Parallel Workstreams

Mindshare has over 110 offices, of which at least 60 have at least one person working on one or analytics type of analytics. Three hubs also hold significant analytical resources. With every office managing independent P&Ls and in many cases different clients, local pressures take priority over global coordination. Add a fast-moving competitive category to this background, and management strong desire to avoid duplication, share best practice and above all, to innovate and scale solutions rapidly. Mindshare’s journey to success has included hits and misses. In this session, Giovanni will discuss the learnings that they’ve collected through this journey (including the don’ts that they’ve learned painfully) and thoughts on how to continue pushing forward with faster innovation and effective implementation of solutions.