Neela Vengateshwaran

Data Scientist, SAS

Neela is a Data Scientist with the Americas AI team at SAS. Neela primarily works in the AI/ML space to use SAS Viya for solving the predictive needs of SAS customer base. She also works on designing content to articulate this process for the Pre-Sales team.

Prior to this role, Neela had been working as a Graduate Data Science Intern at SAS. She has worked with the R&D team, assisting in deploying the SAS Deep Learning Toolkit and SAS scripting packages (SWAT) in Python and R. She also has varied experience in Object Detection and Image Classification, Ensemble Model training and Hyper-parameter auto tuning. Neela has also authored a white paper – “Deep Learning Demystified”, a guide to Deep Learning and building Deep Learning models in SAS.

Neela recently graduated from the NC State University with a Masters in Computer Science, specializing in Data Science.